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    Former Behrend provost
in students
by Andrea Zaffino
editor in t hief
This past semester has been truly a
beneficial one for Penn State Behrend.
Especially monetarily with the Busi
ness School’s endowment of $2O mil
lion, and now former administrator
Irvin Kochel and his wife Ethel have
donated to several different scholar
ships to be awarded solely to Behrend
Irvin H. Kochel is the former Pro
vost and Dean of Penn State Behrend.
He served the college from 1954 un
til 1980 when John Lilley took his
place. Lilley expressed his gratitude
to the Kochels for their support, “I am
grateful to the Kochels for their con
tinued support of the Behrend Col
lege. Their ongoing involvement in
Penn State Behrend, their strong be
lief in our mission, their support of
our students and faculty, are all re-
Behrend graduates showcase
communications open house
by Dan Riefstahl
staff writer
On Thursday, April 23rd, 1998 a
communications open house was held
in the Reed Union Building. Five
Behrend graduates spoke about their
jobs, career opportunities and what it
takes to make it in today's technology
based communications market.
Lori Royer, a 1993 graduate, started
off the evening with a discussion of
her present job at Harborcreek Youth
Services where she works in Commu
nity Relations. She explained what
this position consists of and how she
reached her goals. Lori stressed the
importance of completing an intern
ship. Many Behrend graduates must
complete an internship or do a final
thesis, but choosing the right one can
sometimes be difficult. She also
stressed how important it is to pay
your dues and to work hard.
Next Craig Schertzer, a 1995 gradu
ate, discussed his position as a
videographer with WJET-TV 24. An
Professors and students
discuss Clinton’s sex scandals
by Ayodele Jones
staff writer
The Human Relations Program
ming Council held the last open fo
rum of the year “Sex and the Presi
dency” on April 28, in Bruno’s Cafe.
Behrend professors Robert Chisholm,
Diana Hume George, Zachary Irwin
and Robert Speel were on hand to
answer students’ questions about
President Clinton’s legal woes and the
current state of morality in America.
Dr. Robert Speel began with a brief
synopsis of Clinton’s troubles. When
Clinton began his campaign for the
presidency in 1992, rumors emerged
about his affair with Gennifer Flow
ers and his alleged financial
fleeted in this financial commitment
to the College’s future.”
The money donated by the Kochels
has been split up into approximately
three different areas. The first is the
Ethel and Irvin H. Kochel Scholarship
for International Study which lends
financial assistance to students who
plan to study abroad. The recipients
of this scholarship were honored just
recently at the awards convocation.
They were Nicholas Bobango, Fran
cisco Martin, Nathan Mitchell, An
gela Leasure, and Stephan
Schmiedlin, all of whom plan to study
for a about a month this summer in
Trier, Germany.
The second scholarship supplied by
the Kochels is the Irvin Kochel Lead
ership Scholarship, which is meant to
provide financial aid to those students
enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn
State Behrend. Two students were
exciting field such as this has allowed
Craig to meet many celebrities and do
a lot of interesting work. He, as did
all of the speakers, followed in Lori’s
footsteps of stressing the importance
of working hard and paying your
Sue Preston, a 1988 graduate, dis
cussed her position in the Technical
services division at Wheatland Tube
Company. She explained how she
worked her way up to a supervisory
position. David Bruce, a 1989 gradu
ate, went over the duties of being a
writer. He is currently a staff writer at
the Lake Shore Visitor and talked
about how communication skills are
key to a good writer.
Last but not least Marjorie Bruce,
a 1989 graduate, talked about her job
as an Account Coordinator at Impact
Advertising. She stressed the impor
tance of being well-rounded and the
knowledge of today’s technology. She
uses the Internet on a daily basis and
stressed the importance of learning
misdealings in Whitewater. Two
years later, in the Spring of 1994,
Paula Jones, a former Arkansas State
Employee, accused Clinton of propo
sitioning her with a demand for oral
sex in an Arkansas hotel room. She
then followed with a lawsuit accus
ing Clinton of sexual harassment. Re
cently, an Arkansas judge dismissed
Jones’ suit, stating that her job was
not endangered by Clinton’s alleged
Kenneth Starr was appointed as in
dependent counsel by Attorney Gen
eral Janet Reno to further investigate
Clinton’s alleged misdealings in
Whitewater. Starr’s investigative
powers continued to spread when
Religious faith
expressed on
by Ik Chan Kang
news editor
Religion is something that many
deal with throughout their daily lives.
Some people attend masses and ser
vices every Sunday in order to fulfill
spiritual needs. In Behrend, there are
several religious groups that are or
ganized by either students or the ad
ministration itself in order to support
spiritual needs for our own students.
The Behrend Campus Ministry
awarded this scholarship, Carrie
Nestor, and Kelly Updegraph.
The final award given in the name
of Irvin and Ethel Kochel is the Irvin
Kochel Lion Ambassador Fund. This
scholarship is meant to assist an out
standing member of the Behrend Lion
Ambassadors as well as go toward
funding activities put on by the orga
nization. This award is especially im
portant to the Kochels as Irvin Kochel
helped to develop the Lion Ambassa
dors program during his tenure as an
administrator at University Park in
The Kochels are very pleased to see
their donations going to these areas
to better the future of the Behrend
College. Irvin Kochel said, “Ethel
and I are pleased to do this. We give
out of gratitude and concern for the
and using all of the resources avail
able to you.
All of the speakers discussed the
road that they took to reach their po
sition. All of the graduates stressed
how important it is to do whatever you
can that is related to your field, and
offered several bits of advice. Volun
teer work can help you gain experi
ence. Part of paying your dues is to
do what someone else doesn’t want
to. It is a fact of life that the new guy
will be asked to do the tedious, mo
notonous jobs that no one else wants.
Instead of being upset, realize that you
are gaining valuable information and
experience that will help you succeed
in the future. Every bit of knowledge
that you gain will help you later in
life. We all want to succeed and the
more we know about our field, the
quicker we can move up. If you work
hard and pay your dues soon you will
be the one assigning the horribly bor
ing tasks.
President Clinton was accused of hav
ing an extramarital affair with former
White House intern Monica
Lewinsky. Credible allegations were
made against the president - he was
accused of obstruction of justice and
destroying evidence and telling
Lewinsky to lie about any relations
that did occur between them.
So what do Behrend students think
of the allegations placed against
Clinton? A majority of students
present thought that Clinton did do all
that he is accused of but only a mi
nority believed that action should be
taken against him while in office.
“Legal action should be taken after the
president leaves office, because it
consists of two major religious min
istries that are supported by our fac
ulty ministers: Protestant Campus
Ministry and Catholic Campus Min
istry, with support from four student
ministries: The Behrend Knights of
Columbus (K of C), The Behrend
Newman Association (BNA),
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and
Jewish Student Organization (JSO).
There are several important roles
that these ministries play in relation
to students’ spiritual needs. Accord
ing to Kelly Shrout, who is currently
in charge of the Protestant Campus
Ministry at Behrend, “We are here to
provide clarification on campus to
students to meet their spiritual needs.
Every Sunday we hold a service
where students can worship with
peers. We also encourage service
projects to help the needy.”
Father Michael Allison, who is in
charge of the Catholic Campus Min
istry stated, “Religion is something
where one can communicate a certain
way of life. It can help form deci
sions.” Their efforts in providing ser
vices to the students are evident
through many activities that are spon
sored by the Campus Ministry. Both
ministries have supported and orga
nized many important events within
the Behrend community throughout
the year.
These events include an Ice Cream
Social, fund raising auctions to raise
funds for the program, retreats to of
fer students a more mature under
standing of their faith and build pride
in their religious heritage, and picnics
off campus. Every year they hold the
Hanging of the Greens, which is a
ceremony to honor the Behrend fam
ily by placing a Christmas wreath over
their family tomb at the Wintergreen
Gorge Cemetery Chapel. Through
out the years, this has become one of
the traditions of the Behrend commu
nity. On Monday and Tuesday during
the coming finals week, Protestant
Campus Ministry is also organizing a
little event, cookie break. The minis
try will be going around the residence
halls and suites where they will be
setting cookie tables in the lobbies for
students. There will be homemade
cookies from the local churches.
Shrout commented, “This is to let stu
dents know that churches are think
ing of them at stressful times.”
Regardless of these efforts per
formed by the Campus Ministry, there
seems to be less student religious in
volvement occurring on campus.
Shrout states, “I don’t think we touch
many of the students on campus and
at the same time I don’t think they
seek us. The amount of students who
are actually involved are not that
many compared to the ratio of the
whole student body. But students who
get involved, they are incredible.
They are just unstoppable.”
There are currently 70-90 students
who regularly have involvement with
the Catholic Campus Ministry, and
about 30 students in Protestant Cam
pus Ministry.
Every Sunday, there are two ser-
could tarnish the United States’ cred
ibility as a world power,” one student
commented. On the other hand, Kerry
Hinkson, vice president of the Human
Relations Programming Council, said
“that postponing any legal activity
against the president is like telling a
daughter who is being abused by her
uncle to keep quiet.”
As leader of one the greatest pow
ers in the world, many felt that Clinton
has a responsibility to his constituents
and the public at large to maintain a
certain decency in a respected office
like that of the president of the United
States. Dr. Zachary Irwin, Associate
Professor of Political Science, noted
that he has “never looked to the presi
dent of the United States as source of
his moral choice.”
The question remains, what is the
alternative? Those in attendance were
unable to offer an answer. Dr. Speel
noted that internationally, people
wonder why Americans make a such
a huge fuss about the sordid sexual
escapades of the president. “In
The Behrend College Collegian - Thursday, April 30, 1998 - Page
folice .A.nd Safety
Fv P O R T :
04/21/98 Someone soliciting perfume in residence halls
and apartments but we missed him. Checked all residence
areas without success
04/22/98 Complainant reported water shooting out at
Wilson Grove. Upon checking found pipe broken below
shut off.
04/23/98 Found motorcycle tipped over in S-lot
04/23/98 Complainant informed officer of a complaint
concerning a chalk line in the shape of a body at the
backbone area. Officers found nothing.
04/24/98 Complainant had to warn several individuals at
the Spring Fever concert about parading around the quad
with opened containers of alcoholic beverages.
04/25/98 Disturbance outside of apartment 403 involving
a non-student. Located suspect in F-lot and ID’d him. He
was staying in Perry and he was told to go inside and stay
in. He was advised not to cause any more trouble.
04/26/98 Resident found a stray dog in the quad. Said she
would take it to the Humane Society, which she did.
photo by Jason Blake
Kelly Shrout, Protestant Campus Ministries Coordinator
vices that are being held on our cam
pus. The Catholic Mass is given by
Father Allison at 7:00 p.m. at Reed
117 on Sundays, 10:00 p.m. at Dob
bins Hall on Wednesdays (normally
it would be held at the Reed Com
mons, but due to construction, they
face relocation), and the Protestant
service, held by different clergy on
Sundays at 7:00 p.m. in Reed 117.
One would ask why there are only
Christian ministries on our campus.
These two major Christian ministries
have tried to establish other religious
France, President Francois Mitterand
had a mistress who lived across the
street from him and when Mitterand
died, both his wife and mistress at
tended the funeral.”
Robert Chisholm, Lecturer of Po
litical Science, said "that in Brazil
politicians were bemused about
Clinton’s escapades and they consid
ered it as moral immaturity on the part
of Americans” to be so engulfed in
every alleged sex scandal. “In Sao
Paulo, Friday is the traditional night
for men to visit their mistresses. There
is still a law on the books that states
that a man can be charged with justi
fiable homicide if he kills his wife and
her lover.”
Although news of Clinton’s alleged
sexual affairs saturate every form of
media, an overwhelming majority of
those present at the forum believed
that the American public should mind
its own business about the president’s
private affairs. “The president is
pondscum, he can’t help himself like
the late John F. Kennedy Jr. How
ministries such as Islamic or Buddhist
on campus in past years, but have
been quite unsuccessful due to lack
of student and faculty involvement.
As Father Allison says, “We have tried
and tried to find other religious
groups, but it was unsuccessful. We
will be happy to see one formed in
the future.”
Ms. Shrout stated, “Campus Min
istry is a service to students. If you
have any ideas, come and talk to us”.
As Father Allison also added, “Like
Jesus said, come and see...”
ever, I don't think Paula Jones had a
case, and I don’t think any legal ac
tion should be taken against him.” said
Diana Hume George.
Is Clinton capable of retaining his
job as United States president?
Chisholm said that, “Clinton is tem
peramentally unfit to be president, he
uses his power to gain personal grati
fication. He has an extreme lack of
judgement; he drops his drawers in
hotel rooms to complete strangers,
invites interns to the Oval Office for
sexual favors, and he has state troop
ers bring him women.”
A theme repeated throughout the
forum and the American public at
large is that despite all of the accusa
tions against President Clinton, many
could care less about his sexual esca
pades, they don’t have a detrimental
affect on the economy and quite
frankly they feel that it is none of
“their” business. A lack of moral lead
ership in the Oval Office may leave
students at Behrend wondering “who
is the nation’s moral compass?”