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Last night Vice President Al Gore and
billionaire H. Ross Perot appeared live on
CNN's "Larry King Live" show to debate the
North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA). The debate was quite lively,
although the participants frequently
diverged from the topic at hand. It was so
bad that halfway through the debate Gore
asked Perot, "Why don't we talk about
NAFTA?" When they actually spoke about
NAFTA, the participants presented the same
facts the American public has heard for
weeks. Supporters of NAFTA want you to
believe that it is a superpowered job
creator and will automatically revive our
country's economy. Those against NAFTA
insist that it will push American jobs south
of the border to Mexico and will cause our
country economic ruin. As is the case in
most things, the bad is not as bad as they
want you to believe and the good is not as
good. Leading economists have stated that
NAFTA probably will not have a major
impact on the job market. They predict that
up to 200,000 jobs will either be created or
lost because of the treaty. That is a pretty
small number for a country with a
population of 250 million.
The treaty if nothing else is something new.
It is worth giving a try. It includes many
safety clauses to ensure that Ole countries
involved do not suffer.
The treaty will not end all of our economic
woes, but the problems are not going to just
go away by themselves either.
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Thursday, November 11, 1993
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