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Stress. Or is it called grace under
pressure? You sit there all week
planning how you are going to
rationalize why you have to do it all at
the last moment. Somehow, somewhere,
you are able to convert all your
psychobabble into something too
intelligible to be thought of by any
normal human being. You find yourself
making decisions at the last minute, i.e.
placing Colby Banker or varsity
cheerleaders on the front page. But
somehow, it works.
That's the fun part of college. Where
else can you be asked or demanded to do
so many things in so little time? But
then again there is always the person
who does everything on time without
any problems. Those are the people that
make your life even more enjoyable.
But then again, whenever you finally get
your college diploma, you will spend
the rest of your life being paid to do
what you do now. Ain't life great? Ha,
Alicia didn't spell check that last line.
But then again what is life without
mistakes or errors. You can only learn
if you fail.
Is it stress or Murphy's Law..
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"From The Dip"*
Sure, you all saw a nice issue
of The Collegian last Thursday,
but what you didn't see were the
eight hours of hell that were put
in the night before.
When I walked in, Keith
graciously told me that I was
writing "Sports Bits", and that
this would be something that I
probably will do every week.
I did it the exact same way
that Matt had done it last
semester, at the very last
So I grabbed the last two
USA Today's and an issue of SI
and went to work. Little did I
know that this wouldn't be as
easy as it looked.
While I was writing this, one
of the most stimulating
conversations that I've ever been
a part of occurred.
The 6 or 7 of us that were in
Remember Joe, your editors always get the
last laugh.
Thursday, January 28, 1993
the office were deciding a very
vital matter. Whether Willem
DaFoe spelled his name with a
'Da' or a 'De'. Somebody
guessed right after a few
minutes of the group of us
saying, 'Da' or 'De'. Basically,
it sounded like a normal
conversation at the office.
After an hour and a half, I
finished "Sports Bits". I
thought that it somehow turned
out pretty good.
Matt and Keith, however,
ripped it to shreads. That is
expected out of the older, more
experienced, sports editors
(yeah, right and I'm Elvis).
The fun part of the night
came when Gary and I played a
joke on One of our editors,
Alicia. We told her that stop
signs with white borders around
them are optional. We thought
Yours Truly,
Keith and Matt
she wouldn't buy it. I figured
that even Alicia couldn't be this
gullible (WRONG!).
Soon everyone was involved
in the joke. She was going to
include this stop sign 'law' in
her column last week. I told her
that it was all a big joke. Why
I told her, I don't know.
At a little past midnight, the
paper was finished. The first
issue of the semester was
completed and the back page
looked like the Joe Mottillo
Sports Page, except for Cissne's
small, poorly written article. I
wouldn't have printed it; he
should have done a little better.
By now, you may be asking,
why is he cutting up his fellow
staff members? If you see what
goes on and how much I get
ripped up in the office, you
would be doing a little kidding
In the end, everything turned
out fine. The issue was great.
Yea, even your articles, Matt
and Keith. A fun time (if that's
what you want to call it) was
had by all the participants.
Arnel, a photographer who
has put my articles to shame
with his photos, and I even took
Alicia out for coffee. She had
hot chocolate, but that's
irrelevant. She didn't get mad
about the joke, but suggested
that I write this.
As you can see, I tried my
best to recount that night's
events and I will always
remember to stop when I see
stop signs, outlined in white or
-Joe Mottillo
Collegian Sports